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Fibre Lyte Carbon Chainrings Road 130BCD

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 77 pair approx g.
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Carbon Chainrings Road 130BCD

"Fibre-Lyte carbon chainrings that Roues Artisanales have recieved have been used for a bit more than 35h meaning approximately 1200kmn, races included (from national to 1.2 level) mainly on the big ring.

First observation; the wear isn’t visible and the teeth are still in excellent shape.

Contrary to what I told in this first article, the lack of stiffness compared to normal chainrings isn’t perceptible. It’s actually a huge lack of stiffness from the frame that bends easily even under small loads."  Roues Artisanales

Fibre-Lyte are a UK based munufacturer of carbon components that specialise in Carbon components for bicycles, racing cars and industry. Fibre Lyte made their name in the Cycle industry with their range of full Carbon lightweight chainrings for Road, TT, MTB and Track. Fiber Lyte rings are extremely lightweight and hard wearing. Fibre-Lyte chainrings are very smooth and reduce drivetrain friction.

Fibre-lyte chainrings for use as an outer chainring on a double or triple are machined with release teeth and alloy lift pins, these are designed to aid shifting and prevent damage to the chainring during shifting. If the chainrings are ordered as a double set they will be machined as a matched pair to give the best shifting possible. Fibre-lyte chainrings are also compatible with Shimano's Di2 system.

***Please select gearset speed either 9/10 speed or 11 speed***

***Due to the Carbon nature of Fibre Lyte chainrings, extra care needs to be taken when shifting between the front chainrings***

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Build_Kit:9/10 speed

Weight: 77 pair approx g.

Weight: 77 pair approx g.

Brand: Fiber Lyte

Product code: fb130c


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