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Enve M635 - Hope Tech Pro 4 - Custom

1,400.00 GBP

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 1730 g.(Pair)
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The definitive mountain wheel. The M6 Series defines the modern, and varied interpretation of the mountain bike. Loaded with traction and acceleration on the climb it’s also backed with precision and control while absorbing vibrations and impacts on the descent. The M6 Series is designed in 2 diameters and 3 widths to ensure your sophisticated preference for tire size and pressure is met with an uncompromising tire to rim interface.

Rim Specs           Front       Rear
Rim Depth          26.5mm  26.5mm
External Width   43.5mm  43.5mm
Internal Width      35mm    35mm
Hole Count            28           28

Recommended Tire Size 2.5 in - 2.8 in 2.5 in - 2.8 in


Weight: 1730 g.(Pair)

Colour: Black

Material: Carbon

Weight: 1730 g.(Pair)

Colour: Black

Brand: Enve

Product code: m6040

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