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Cycle 2 Work

At ubyk we work with several partners to provide tax free cycling, allowing you to save up to 47% on a new bike and accessories, spreading the cost over easy monthly payments.

It's a simple process to get your new bike, start by following the steps below or call us for more information.

Cycle 2 work
Step 1

Find out exactly which scheme your employer is participating in. There are several we operate including; Cyclescheme, Cycle 2 Work, Bike 2 Work, Cycleplus, and Connected Benefits Bikes for Staff (NHS).
Step 2

Decide which bike and accessories you would like. You can visit, call or email either of our stores for friendly advice, or browse our website.
Step 3

We will give you a quote for the bike and accessories you want to go for. Once this is approved and paid for by your employer, a voucher is issued and we will get your order ready for collection or delivery.

To find out how much you could save use the calculator here

If your employer is not yet signed up with a provider of the scheme, it's a quick and easy process, start by following the link.

Ride to work, keeping you fit & helping the environment

Our bike stores on Abingdon Road, Oxford and Sydney Street, Brighton offers a range of tax saving schemes, including Cycle Scheme, Halfords Cycle 2 Work, Cycle Plus.

The Government's Cycle to Work initiative enables you to help your employees make savings of up to 47% on a brand new bike and safety accessories for cycling to work.

For more details contact us

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Only available for UK residents.

Benefits to organisations:
  • Enhances an employee benefit package
  • Savings on National Insurance Contributions
  • Improves the health and wellbeing of employees
  • Eases parking and congestion problems
  • Reduces organisational carbon footprint
Benefits to employees:
  • Savings of up to 47% on a new bike and accessories
  • Regular exercise to keep fit and healthy
  • Reduces commuting costs
  • Helps beat congestion
  • Helps minimise carbon footprint
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