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Rider information:

Check to make sure the details displayed on our ubyk assistant here are correct.


Bike size:

The bike size given relates to the distance between the centre of the bottom bracket, to the top of the seat tube, and based on the information that you entered, please find the recommended frame size below:



Please Note:
With all the variables involved i.e. different manufacturers, torso/leg ratio, arm length etc, the size option generated is simply a guide, and for more information see below under the heading "Getting the size".

Crank size:

When customizing your bike, or building a bike from scratch, here is an indication of which crank length you should be looking at based on the information given, however on fully built bikes the manufacturers will generally relate the crank length to the size of the frame, so don't worry too much about this when buying a stock model.

Getting the size:

We hope that this size calculator has been helpful, however it is important to note that the information provided above is simply guideline as to roughly which frame size you should be looking at and not a definitive size that should be followed implicitly. A full fitting takes many more measurements into consideration, including torso length, hand size, arm length etc, and is a very personal service that is impossible to replicate properly over the internet, but it is a service that we at ubyk can offer.

The cost of a full fitment is £45 but this cost will be taken away from the cost of stock bike, or a ProBuild bike if purchased from us.

For more information or to book this service, please feel free to contact us on: +44 (0)1926 356565, or email us directly: